Ultimate List of Household Chores for Couples to Lead Them Towards a Balancing Relationship

Do you find yourself and your partner in colossal chaos when it comes to managing household chores or tasks? Now balance your relations and make your lives easier with a simple list of household chores and complete your assigned tasks accordingly.

List of household chores for couples to stay organized

Here’s the daily chore list that should be shared among family members or couples in order to ensure that no one has to do it all and the housework is done equally by all.


Laundry is one of the household chores that involve more than one activity right from gathering dirty clothes, to waiting for the cycle to get completed. Laundry is not only about putting dirty clothes into the washing machine but also involves segregating the coloured clothes from the light-coloured or white ones. Hence, in order to assign this chore, firstly, you need to decide how many times a week laundry needs to be done and by whom. Moreover, you both need to agree on assigning this task to one, who gets free early from their office work if any and then spend some time doing this chore.


Dishes is one such task that some persons find it interesting to do while others find it to be the most laborious task. Hence, instead of assigning this task to one person for a long period of time, this task should be taken up alternatively by each of you. Moreover, after the guests have left, cleaning up the kitchen becomes the most burdened task hence it is important to get it done instead of leaving a cluttered sink with dishes for a long time. Also, if the kitchen is kept unclean it might cause the spread of unwanted bacteria into your meal preparation areas resulting in making your family members ill.

Sorting out the fridge:

Some of the major reasons that can cause a fight among couples are putting up empty water bottles in the fridge, stale items or food packets beyond the expiry date, etc. However, such situations can be avoided by assigning the responsibility of sorting out the fridge to one of the house members or couple. For instance, you can keep track of items that go into the fridge after each meal, while your partner can fill up the water bottles and place them in the fridge. In this way, you and your partner can divide the household chores equally using YES MAM - Household Chores Distribution app.

Cleaning house:

YES MAM - household chores scheduling app can be used for adding cleaning house chore in the list of household chores for couples. This app helps busy couples and families stay organized and get an appreciation for the work they do around the house. For instance, if you are taking up tasks such as washing bathrooms, sweeping, then your husband can take up tasks such as mopping floors, gardening, etc. In this way, couples can acquire the habit to put the things into the right place immediately and huge effort will be saved while keeping the house tidy and neat.

Hence, by adding all the above mentioned tasks in the list of household chores for couples, you can eliminate the scope of argument over housework and save your relationship from daily fights related to sharing unequal household tasks.