Stay Fit and Active By Turning Household Chores Into Daily Workout

Are you missing out your workout in the gym? Or want to go to the gym to build flexibility, endurance and strength but cannot do workout due to heavy load of household chores around the house? Not to worry about! Household chores act as one of the effective ways to get some kind of physical activity and help you to stay active & fit. According to health experts and doctors, it is believed that relatively mild physical activity such as daily chores can beneficial for burning calories and improving your fitness level. Here are some of the daily chores that will help you to burn as many calories as a workout:

Mopping/Vacuum cleaning/Scrubbing:

Floor's cleaning is a good way to start your workout as a human body requires 30 minutes of consistent heart-pumping exercise daily. However, you need to make sure that you don't overestimate the time of mopping/vacuum cleaning or scrubbing. So, set a timer or not down the time you are contributing to doing any of the household tasks. Moreover, according to research vigorous mopping or scrubbing helps you to burn out 99 to 166 calories depending upon the intensity of the chores you do and your body weight.


Dusting is one of the routine tasks that consume a lot of time. However, do you ever realize that dusting can one of the daily chores that can act as a routine exercise? Research shows that dusting for half an hour can help you to burn 166 calories a day that is equivalent to burn calories doing Salsa dance per 10 minutes. Setting a daily goal to burn calories by doing chores will help you to keep motivated and make your house clean & fresh.

Washing car:

Have you ever washed your car all by yourself? If not then it is a sure shot sign of lethargy because you are not aware of the beneficence of washing a car by yourself. Instead of giving the car keys to someone else to get your car washed, you should do it yourself by it will help you to lose some calories as your abs and arms will get the required workout. Try cleaning exteriors and interiors of the car for at least half an hour and you will burn as many calories burnt by doing a yoga session for 32 minutes.

Making beds:

Making beds is also one of the household chores by which you can burn calories. This is because making beds involves taking off bedsheets to a new one, shaking the blankets or quilts that is equivalent to running on the treadmill for nearly 15 minutes. Hence if you want to do upper body workout without going to the gym then you should make your bed every day. You can also use “YES MAM – Household Chores Distribution App” to divide your daily chores fairly. YES MAM app will not only help you to stay active all the time by doing chores but will also help your family members to stay fit as well by dividing household chores fairly among your family members.

What you are waiting for? Turn your household chores into daily workout now as from the aforementioned household chores you have got a fair idea of how intensive and beneficence the daily chores can be. So start doing your daily tasks by using “YES MAM – Household Chores Distribution App” with as much interest as you would do a workout at the gym to stay active and fit all the time.