How to Turn Your Daily Chores into Fun Family Activities?

Do you find it difficult to motivate your child or family members to perform daily chores? Here’s the solution to your problem! YES MAM–Household chores schedule app has been developed keeping in mind the ways you can make chores fun for kids. Household chores are considered as the best way to spend quality time with your family members. By using YES MAM app you can involve your entire family to do housework and turn chores into a game. Here are some ways you can turn your daily chores into fun family activities:

Get miniature cleaning-kits for kids:

Kids love to mimic and follow what their parents or elders do. Hence, you can take advantage of such habit of your child and bring the household chores into fun. You can get a small cleaning kit for your child and assign your child a small area to clear (alongside you) using their own miniature cleaning equipment. Allow your child to recreate the actions that you perform while cleaning the house such as dusting, or wiping by your side.

Hide Treats:

What if you can turn your house into a little treasure hunt? It is one of the best ways to allow your kids to do housework according to their potential. Hide coins, tiny chocolates, or stickers in the furniture, under their bedsheets, and then assign your kid new task such as dusting, wiping, changing bed sheets, etc. As they clean each corner of the house or change their bedsheet, they will unveil a new treat. By doing this, you can get help from your child in housework and they will not get bored.

Make a chore competition chart:

You can turn mundane household activities into a fun competition by making a chore chart. You can create a household chore chart using YES MAM app that will include the household chores to be completed by each family member and when those assigned tasks are completed by kids or family members then they will earn a point. The family member with the most points can be awarded a prize at the end of the month. Hence, by using the YES MAM app for assigning household chores you can divide household chores fairly.

Scavenger Hunt:

Few things are considered to be more fun than hunting down the items in a scavenger hunt or solving clues. Hence, you can take advantage of this game by implementing it in your daily chores. Set up a list of prizes as well as clues where to find them. In order to get each clue, let your family members complete a small chore first such as sweeping the floor, washing dishes, taking out the trash, filling water bottles, etc. Hence, by completing each chore they will get a new clue and help them get closer to the set prize. In this way, kids and family members will happily perform their assigned tasks to get the next clue.

Hence, by following the above-mentioned suggestions you can motivate your family members or child to help you out in daily chores and turn the housework into fun family activities. Moreover, you can also use YES MAM – Household chores schedule app to prepare a list of chores and assign it to your family members. Yes MAM app is great for families - kids can earn an allowance, screen time, or whatever they collectively decide.