How to Schedule Household Tasks for Your Busy Routine?

Do you find yourself battling over doing household tasks? If being a working couple both of you fight over the laundry, throwing out the garbage or other household chores then you are not alone and neither to be blamed. Moreover, it becomes frustrating when you come home from a long working day and find your house is in a mess because none of the family members has contributed to household chores. This in turn sometimes leads to relationship conflicts.

Thus, it becomes highly important to schedule your housework for your busy routine by involving your family members including your partner and kids as well to help you out. Here’s how you can schedule your household tasks for your busy routine and strengthen your relationship being a working couple:

Use a Chore System:

A very first step towards scheduling chores is to use a chore system and write down all the chores that need to be done. There are several chore systems that can assist you to divide your household tasks such as using YES MAM – Household Chores Distribution App. Another chore system that can be used is the prioritizing method of Brain Tracey for distributing the tasks you need to do and the tasks your family members, kids or your partner needs to do. This method involves creating a household tasks list in such a way each of the task fall in the categories from A to E (A-E).

For example: You can add most important chores to be done by labelling A1, A2, etc, the tasks that should be done but will not create any issue if not done to be labelled as B1, B2, etc. and so on.

Teaching kids how to keep a clean house:

Another way by which you can schedule your housework in your busy routine is by involving your child in housework. If you want a cleaner house and schedule all the chores, it is necessary to teach your kids about the importance of each house member's contribution to household responsibilities. Tell them including your family members what you are doing in order to ensure that everything is placed where it belongs.

For example: Putting a kid’s toy in Toy basket, putting dirty clothes to be washed in a separate basket, etc. In this way, half of your daily routine household tasks will be managed or scheduled conveniently.

Involve your spouse to help out:

You need to undertake a different approach if your spouse is not helpful especially with household chores. After prioritizing your household chores, you will get a better sense of tasks that will be done you and the tasks that will be done by your spouse or other family members. Hence, along with this, you can also use Assertiveness Technique for asking for the help you need. This technique involves the steps abbreviated as A-E-I-O-U that signifies Acknowledge, Express, Identity, Outline, and Understand.

For example: Acknowledging that your partner has positive intentions, expressing your feelings towards your spouse’s request to sharing household responsibilities, etc.

Assess cleaning equipment:

You daily household chores schedule should include assessing your cleaning equipment. Just take a close look at your sponges, mop, bucket, etc. Do your old protective gloves or mop let you do the work twice because it’s inefficient to clean the house at once? Therefore, you need to do some research and buy good cleaning equipment that will help you clean quickly and efficiently.

For example: If your mop or vacuum cleaner is too old to help you to clean your home at once, or your cleaning equipment is of poor quality, then you need to upgrade them and speed up your daily household tasks.

With the above-mentioned suggestions or ways, you will be able to schedule your household tasks for your busy routine conveniently. Moreover, by following the above suggestions you will also be able to spend valuable time with your family members after completing assigned household chores on time.