How to Divide Household Chores fairly for avoiding Marriage Conflicts

Have your stress level increased tremendously due to the lack of corporation from your partner in completing household chores? And, looking for a way to encourage your partner to help in household chores? YES MAM-Household chores distribution app has the potential to reduce your stress related to marriage conflicts that arise due to the lack of optimal solution on how to divide household chores fairly. Moreover, this app helps busy couples and families stay organized and get appreciation for the work they do around the house.

Nowadays, the stress level among working women has increased significantly as they have to balance their professional life as well as family life simultaneously. In the process of work-life balance, valued relations between the partners are affected extensively not only when household chores are taken into consideration but also when it comes to child care. This is because child care is not a task to be split between the working couples and hence considered as a shared responsibility. Moreover, it’s not only the responsibility of working women to contribute her time towards family as well as work, rather it is the responsibility of both the spouses to delegate time to family as well as professional life. If one spouse is doing a paid job then that does not mean that all the household chores along with child care should be done by a spouse who is not doing a paid job outside.

Household chores are divided by couples in two ways either by dividing each chore 50/50 or by allocating 50% of the time in doing household chores. However, as soon as couples start trying to quantify their household tasks, they end up for silly fights resulting in marriage conflicts. So, here are the best ways being a married couple you can contribute fairly in the household chores without affecting your valued relations and avoid marriage conflicts due to unequal division of household tasks:

List household chores to be done:

Before dividing the household tasks, you need to first prepare a list of household tasks to be done or the tasks that go into managing or running a household. These include not only daily chores such as cooking; washing dishes but also things such as mowing the lawn, paying bills, etc. Hence, you can assign or list the household chores to be done using YES MAM app.

Identify chores of your interest:

You and your partner should go though the prepared list of household chores and identify the chores that you both enjoy doing so that you both can contribute to household chores without raising any conflicts.

Rotate the jobs frequently:

You should take turns on household chores that are not assigned easily to family members such as cleaning toilets; it is one such household chore that is hardly something one should be passionate about. Therefore, swap such tasks frequently but care must be taken on ensuring that all the family members are informed about their household responsibilities in order to eradicate any confusion about household chores duties.

Appreciate each other:

One must encourage as well as appreciate their partner or family members once they complete their assigned household responsibilities. This is because a word of motivation or appreciation from one spouse to another helps in encouraging the hard-working heart. This in turn surely helps in overcoming marriage conflicts that arise due to the unfair distribution of household chores. YES MAM app also helps in encouraging or motivating your partner or family members by allowing them to earn monthly prizes on completing household chores that can be set by the family head.

Household chores distribution is considered as the main source of conflicts in marriages. However, by using YES MAM- Household chores distribution app such conflicts can be avoided by couples. YES MAM app not only helps in dividing household chores fairly to other family members but also lets them earn monthly prizes after completing their assigned tasks.