How to distribute household chores for preventing relationship conflicts

Do you ask for your partner’s help in completing household chores

Do you ask for your partner’s help in completing household chores? If yes, this is what your biggest mistake is, because asking for help shows that the responsibility of doing all household tasks belongs to you only. However, all the family chores around the house are considered as shared responsibilities and in order to prevent relationship conflicts that generally arise due to division of household tasks fairly you can follow the tips discussed below:

Identify your priorities:

It has been identified that most of the couples look at their household chores distribution differently. The things that matter to you more and are of high priority to you must be done before less priority tasks. However, your partner might not agree with the priorities set by you in the context of family tasks, therefore in such cases try to compromise with your partner’s priorities and set your priorities mutually and fairly. In addition to this, compromise works well if both of you have set your priorities effectively.

Anticipate roadblocks:

Besides identifying priorities, make a list of chores that you both hate to perform. By making a list of household chores, there is a possibility that the family task you hate to do might be tolerated by other partner and can be done effectively as you do. For example, you might do dishwashing happily, however, your partner might find this task boring and more time-consuming.

Set up a timetable:

Some folks like to do their work in the morning; however some people do not like to do a chore or a project in the morning and are night owls. By forcing other people to complete his/her family task when they are not ready to do it only develops tension. Therefore, timing is important and there is a need to set up a timetable so that all the assigned household tasks can be completed accordingly.

Plan re-evaluation:

If your partner does not follow the time table or complete the household tasks according to priorities and timetable, then try to discover together that what are the reasons due to which the family tasks or chores are not done on time and reason for such reluctance. Blaming each other for not doing distributed household chores will not be effective and might affect your relationship in a negative manner. Therefore, it is necessary to re-evaluate your plan and adjust the household duties as required. No doubt that these tips will help you to prevent relationship conflicts that arise due to unequal distribution of household tasks, but still if you find it difficult to manage and organize your household chores, then you can use “Yes Mam”- household chores distribution app. This app is considered as a game-changing solution to have a perfect relationship with your family or partner as by using this app you will be able to distribute and schedule your family chores fairly and in a better way. Download “Yes Mam” App from: