How to assign age appropriate chores for kids to help around the house

Are you looking for a way to turn your kids into successful adults? Household chores are one of the best ways to teach your kids about life skills such as teamwork, self-resilience, planning, work ethics, etc. Good parenting not only involves showering unconditional love towards your child but also involve teaching them to learn moral values and household responsibilities. Moreover, good parenting also involves focusing on encouragement over praise, cooperation over obedience, and consequences over punishment. Here are some of the ways household responsibilities can help your child to become successful adults:

Be specific in assigning chores to toddlers:

You can let your child reach a developmental milestone by getting them started with chores at an early age. By assigning household responsibilities to your kids, you not only help them to build coordination but also help them to acquire motor skills. You can assign personal chores as well as family chores such as picking up toys, placing and stacking them appropriately, making their bed, putting on pillow covers, dusting with cloth, etc. While assigning the chores to toddlers, be sure that you first talk to your child and make him/her clearly understand the tasks he/she is expected to do.

Make it an activity while assigning chores to Pre-schoolers (Ages 4 to 5):

This is the age group when children become eager to take on more responsibilities that help in acquiring a sense of importance. If your child is a pre-schooler then you can assign chores such as setting the table for dinner, matching and folding socks, watering houseplants, arranging groceries, etc. These are some of the age appropriate chores for kids that you can assign by making them understand that it’s their responsibility to contribute to the chores and not a punishment. Moreover, also make them understood that everyone in the family contributes to keeping the house clean and organized.

Make a schedule and assign chores to School-age Children (Ages 6 to 8):

By the time a child is of 6 years or 8 years old, he/she learns how to do most tasks by themselves. Preparing a shopping list, cleaning or mopping floors, loading the dishwasher, counting money, checking bills, taking the trash out, etc are some of the age appropriate chores for kids belonging to the age group of 6-8 years. One of the best ways to assign these chores is to use “YES MAM-household chores distribution” app. By using this app you can set a schedule of household chores to be done by your kid.

Assign chores to upper-elementary kids (Ages 7 to 11) by creating a To-Do-List:

Peeling vegetables, grating cheese, and other mealtime tasks can be assigned to upper-elementary kids. Along with this, some other age appropriate chores for kids to be assigned at this age group include changing bed-sheets, washing a car, cleaning windows, cleaning the bathroom, etc. All these tasks can be assigned by creating a to-do-list or by using an online mobile app i.e. “YES MAM-Family chores distribution app”.

Being a parent you have an endless list of household chores to do, from preparing meals to cleaning bathrooms. However, with the help of the YES MAM-Household Chores Distribution app, you can assign some of the above-mentioned household tasks to your kid. Moreover, with the help of the YES MAM app, you can set your household chores schedule and let your child earn rewards on completing the assigned tasks on time.